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If you’re a fan of CoolFly, you’re going to love what they prepared for their new high powered scooter for the year 2021. The all new D10 2600W folding electric scooter from CoolFly packs a great deal of power, ensuring an impressively high speed and enough charge to keep you going for almost 50 miles. Despite all that, and new features like a superior suspension system, new LED lights and a superior waterproof deck, the scooter still weighs just over 60 lbs, being one of the lightest e scooters for adults of this caliber. Lightning Speed and Superior Performance: It’s fitting to start with the performance rating due to the CoolFly’s supremely powerful 2600W front/rear brushless motors (packing 1300W each), which are capable of delivering a top speed of no less than 40 mph. The large, 52V lithium polymer battery can present a charge that delivers 20.8Ah with a total range of 47 miles. Moreover, the brake system, the trigger throttle and the suspension system is ideally calibrated for outstanding performance across all types of terrains, and the scooter can climb slopes of up to 40 degrees with relative ease. A Rugged Yet Lightweight Foldable Frame: A truly rugged and resilient motorized scooter for adults, the new CoolFly D10 features a folding flame that has an ingenious design and is made of a combination of aluminum alloy and steel made to offer ideal durability and lightweight performance at higher speeds. Superlative Style and Safety: Finally, the superior ABS/rubber waterproof deck, the dual disc brakes featured on each wheel, the 4-spring front and 2-spring rear suspension system and the high quality color LCD and LED lights designed to help you drive your electric scooter just as well in the night as during the day, score excellent points for style, while ensuring that you have perfect control and stay completely safe even while tackling the most difficult travel routes.
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